A fun community project

Once upon a time we decided "...to make a project where we take the same design/page and re-build it in different themes/builders and host on the same server for a fair comparison." So, here we are!

We have Build Guidelinesand below are our projects

* "Classic builders" handle templates dynamically, all the controls are inside WP admin area. "Theme + Gutenberg" are regular manually coded/auto generated from visual building tool PHP/HTML/CSS files combined into a WP theme + standard and/or custom Gutenberg blocks.

** "No" - the project is done, but with errors; "TBA" - the project is NOT done yet.

*** One of the requirements was to replicate the design as accurate as possible. Screenshots are on the project summary page.

**** The average of the three test attemtps. Screenshots are on the project summary page.

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