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Deadline: 1 Aug 2022.

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Just for fun and for the sake of common interest we will be checking:

If you want to, prepare notes on any difficulties/challenges you faced during the build, how you solved/worked around them, any tips you would like to share.

About Us

This is the post in FB where Sridhar Katakam posted about the idea of such project and made a call for volunteers: Vitalii Kiiko offered using the domain The domain was registered a long before that event for a kind of similar concept project. But similar in general, nothing specific.

Initial volunteers: Abdul Maajied Abrahams, Blue Li, Daniel Raghu, David McCan, Elvis Krstulović, Fernando Ortiz, Filip Steficar, Kevin Pauls, Marko Krstic, Maxime Beguin, Sridhar Katakam, Trisha Cupra, Vitaliy Kiyko. Also participants: Matjaz Trontelj, Michael Huz, Nelson Therrien, Raitis Sevelis.