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This site that was built using Beaver Builder, with the GeneratePress theme and GP Premium plugin. I have been using Beaver Builder since 2015, and GeneratePress for almost as long – I switched to GeneratePress after finding that the Beaver Builder Theme wasn’t adequate. Normally, I use Powerpack and/or UABB add-ons to fill in features that BB lacks. For clients, I design my sites within the limits of BB (in the browser), and typically have to add a fair bit of CSS manually.

I didn’t use any add-ons this time, but I did have to add a lot of custom CSS. The reference site isn’t a design that could be easily replicated with BB by someone without knowledge of CSS – it required custom coding throughout, in every section. For instance, layering images is surprisingly difficult to achieve.

The responsiveness isn’t perfect, but would still require more fine-tuning than what’s possible at this point.

Additionally, GTMetrix scores are slower than desired; however, implementing caching and Perfmatters would likely bring it up to an A score easily enough.

Finally, because this reference site was built in Tailwind CSS – which doesn’t translate well into BB. It’s not recommended to try replicating an existing design like this one using Beaver Builder

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August 2022

The site is a bit broken after the migration, so we cannot re-test it at the moment.

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Disclaimer (!) Unfortunately, sometimes elements are not shown with their proper styles on these screenshots. This is a technical issue of the software, not the template!