Author: Sridhar Katakam
Published Date: 3 Aug 2022

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Finished Page


Bricks is a fantastic site builder theme that I’ve recently switched to.

I did not expect such a positive reaction to this project when I pitched the idea in the Dynamic WordPress Facebook group. It is great to see the community come together and “compete” with the tools of their choice in a friendly manner.

Thanks to Vitaliy Kiyko of Builderius for providing domain + hosting and coordinating with everyone.


I built the site with Bricks 1.5 beta and later replaced it with 1.5 RC which was released about 3 days ago.

The Div elements in the previous version had display of flex but they changed that to block. Therefore had to convert the Div elements to Block elements which was thankfully just a right click away for each element.

Speed Test Scores

I am not the one to chase perfect scores but I think the page did well.


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I spent about 2.5 days on the project.


Themes/plugins used on the project

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August 2022

The site is a bit broken after the migration, so we cannot re-test it at the moment.

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