Author: David McCan

Author’s summary

Props to Sridhar Katakam for the great idea and to Vitalii Kiiko for setting up the server and installing WordPress for all of the sites. 

I used the Kadence theme and Kadence Blocks Pro to try to recreate the reference site.  My overall conclusion is that Kadence is great for creating content, but somewhat limited when creating advanced layouts and interactive features. 

What Worked out of the box to match the reference site

What Would Have Worked out of the box with Kadence if not for multisite issues:

I had a number of problems with the restrictions of multisite.  It stripped out HTML input elements and unfiltered HTML from the page.  It also removed SVG icons, though SVG images would load. 

What couldn’t be done with Kadence out of the box

Kadence is great for creating content, but I wouldn’t recommend it for trying to recreate bespoke layouts and interactions.  

I have a full blog post with screenshots and some of the code here:

Themes/plugins used on the project

Reasons the project does not meet the build guidelines

Design accuracy

Unfortunately, the design accuracy is “medium”. Some sections and particular elements are not looking the same as in the original design.

Performance scores last time updated

September 2023

GTMetrix example results

PageSpeed Insights example results

Screenshots of the template

Disclaimer (!) Unfortunately, sometimes elements are not shown with their proper styles on these screenshots. This is a technical issue of the software, not the template!